Which Plan Should I Subscribe To?

The difference between Graphics, Graphics Pro, and Graphics Premium

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As Design Pickle grows, so does our list of services. No single design plan fits everyone, so we have a variety of options that can cater to your specific design needs.

We have three types of subscription plans:

  • Graphics

  • Graphics Pro

  • Graphics Premium

It's totally possible to sign up for more than 1 subscription plan. If you find that your creative needs require more than 1 service type, you can easily mix & match different subscriptions!

Want to know how much our subscription plans cost? Check out our Pricing page!

What's the difference?

What's the difference between our Graphics plan, and our Pro & Premium services? The difference is in the experience. But there's also a few differences in scope.

Here's what each plan has to offer:


Graphics Pro

Graphics Premium

Graphic Design

PDF/JPG/PNG format only

✅ PPT format included

✅ PPT format included

Canva File Delivery

Same Day Turnaround (depends on complexity)

Real-time Chat via Slack

In Graphics Pro & Graphics Premium, you'll experience the best features Design Pickle has to offer:

  • Real time communication via Slack chat - get the fastest communication with your creative that we've got to offer

  • Designated creative - you'll be able to work with the same creative(s) each business day

  • Expanded scope - Presentation Design in PPT format (in Pro & Premium), and Motion Graphics (in Premium)

  • Daytime hours - get access to your creative during your daytime hours (See available time zones here)

What if I only have one request or project? Can I buy a single design, or pay on a per-project basis?

All our subscription plans run on a minimum of a 1-month subscription period, so we do not have single design or per-project payment options available. Your subscription will keep running until the subscription period is over, so we recommend using our services for the full duration of your subscription period!

If you need further help deciding which plan is best for you, simply email us at [email protected]!

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