As Design Pickle grows, so does our list of services. No single design plan fits everyone, so we have a variety of options that can cater to your specific design needs.

We have three types of subscription plans:

  • Graphics

  • Graphics Pro

  • Graphics Premium

It's totally possible to sign up for more than 1 subscription plan. If you find that your creative needs require more than 1 service type, you can easily mix & match different subscriptions!

What's the difference?

See: Official Scope Of Design Service

What's the difference between our Graphics plan, and our Pro & Premium services? The difference is in the experience. But there's also a few differences in scope.

Here's what each plan has to offer:


Graphics Pro

Graphics Premium

Graphic Design

Custom Illustrations

Presentation Design

PDF/JPG/PNG format only

✅ PPT format included

✅ PPT format included

Motion Graphics

Same Day Turnaround (depends on complexity)

Real-time Chat via Slack

Daytime Hours (EST, PST, AUS, & UK Time Zones)

Designated Creatives

In Graphics Pro & Graphics Premium, you'll experience the best features Design Pickle has to offer:

  • Real time communication via Slack chat - get the fastest communication with your creative that we've got to offer

  • Designated creative - you'll be able to work with the same creative(s) each business day

  • Expanded scope - Presentation Design in PPT format (in Pro & Premium), and Motion Graphics (in Premium)

  • Daytime hours - get access to your creative during your daytime hours (See available time zones here)

If you need further help deciding which plan is best for you, simply email us at [email protected]!

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