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Motion Graphics are animated illustrations or designs, they create an illusion of motion that helps create a more impactful approach with the audience. This service is available in our Premium subscription plan.

Our creatives use Adobe After Effects, so you can request AEP (After Effects source file), MP4, or MOV file formats!


Can I see some work samples?

Samples can be found here:

  1. Scope & Turnaround Time: Motion Graphics

  2. YouTube Playlist

Can I send my creative a video and have Motion Graphics added to it?
Yes, but the video needs to be the final version – Motion Graphics does not include video editing.

Can you sequence my videos together?
As long as it does not need further video editing, we can stitch your videos together!

What's the maximum duration for Motion Graphic videos?
5 minutes

Do you provide audio?

No, but you can send your own music or sound effect files to be added, and let us know the timestamp you'd like for the music to start playing.

You must send us licensed audio files that you are allowed to use. You can find royalty-free music to use at Pixabay Music, Shutterstock, Adobe, or even YouTube Studio (some are free, others are paid for).

Do you provide voice-overs?

No, but if you have a voice-over audio file ready, we can add it!

How are the assets used in the Motion Graphic created?
We have 3 options:

  • You can provide the assets to us by uploading them in the request form.

  • We can use Stock graphics/icons and customize those to fit your brand.

  • We can create Custom Graphics or Illustrations if needed (needs more time to complete)

Is there a limit to the upload/download file size?


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