With Zapier, you can integrate Design Pickle with a variety of tools and apps to streamline your workflow, removing manual steps like storing files or checking multiple platforms to get updates about your design progress.

For example, a Zap could automatically send a request to Design Pickle when you add a label to a task in Asana. Or, your design files could be "zapped" over to your storage folder on DropBox with ease.

Check out the full list of Design Pickle and Zapier Integrations here:

What Zaps are our Design Pickle users currently loving? We're glad you asked! Here are some ready-to-use Zap templates. All you have to do is set it up with your account information.

Curious to see a Zap in action? Check out this video of a zap connecting Google Sheets to Design Pickle!

Want additional Zapier support from Design Pickle?

We’ve got you covered.

One of our Project Managers can help you set up your Zaps and automate your workflow with ease!

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