If you’re an existing client with an Active or On Hold account, you may follow the steps below to download your files.

Individual File Download:

  • Via Email: Search for the request title or ticket number of your request in your inbox, then click on the download link to download your files.

  • Via the Design Pickle Platform: Search for the request title or ticket number of your request in the search bar above your request queue. Click on the request, and select the version you'd like to download.

Mass Download of All Files:

There are two servers that host your design request files:

  • Filestack (for requests created late 2019 onwards)

  • Box (for requests created mid-2019 and earlier)


While there is no way to mass-download files directly from Filestack through a single download link, you can download a CSV file that contains all the download links for your design requests. Simply go to:

  1. Go to My Requests in the Design Pickle Platform

  2. On the sidebar, scroll down to see a window where you can download a .csv file

  3. Click on download a CSV

  4. Once you've got the list of your download links, you can download all files by using the Google Chrome extension: Tab Save!


For files stored in Box, you may contact our CS Team at [email protected] to ask for a box link of your past files.

A download link will be sent to you, and this link will be active for two weeks.

Q: What if I have a canceled account? Can I still access my files?

A: No, you will not be able to access your requests and files through the Design Pickle Platform, unless you put your account On Hold, or re-subscribe.

Q: I still need my files though, is there a workaround?

The only workaround to access your past design files is by searching your email for the download links sent to you. Then simply click on the download link to download your files. However, we can't guarantee how long the download links will continue to work, since canceled accounts mean all services have been terminated for the account, including cloud file storage. We do not store files for canceled subscriptions.

We are unable to manually consolidate download links as well. If you need to mass download your files, we recommend going On Hold and downloading the CSV file (instructions above).

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