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How To Manage User Roles & Permissions
How To Manage User Roles & Permissions

Member, Manager, and Administrator user roles

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Multiple users in your account are easy to manage with Design Pickle's different user roles and permissions!

There are 3 user roles available:

  1. Administrator
    This role controls all subscription and payment information. They can add, modify, and remove users of any role. Finally, they can make requests and edit any request at the company.

  2. Manager
    This role can add, modify, and remove Managers or Members. They can also make requests and edit any request at the company.

  3. Member
    This role can make requests, edit / reply to their own requests, and view all company requests.

Roles Scope & Limitations




Billing Adjustments

Edit company’s billing and payment information

Account Subscriptions

Edit, add, and cancel company’s subscriptions

User Management

Invite user, deactivate user, change user roles, and initiate password change

✅ Managers

✅ Members
❌ Admins*

*Managers cannot change an Admin's role settings

Requests Viewing

View requests in the queue

Request Feedback

Leave feedback for requests

✅ All requests

✅ All requests

✅ Own requests

❌ Requests submitted by other users

Queue Priority Numbering

Adjust priority number of own requests

✅ All requests

✅ All requests

✅ Own requests


Add, edit, and delete a brand profile in the company account

Team Dashboard

How To Change A User's Role In Your Account

Only Administrators & Managers can change user roles within the account. If you are a Member, please contact your Admin/Manager so that they can make these changes.

Admins can change any user role, while Managers can change Members and Manager roles only.

Step 1

Under Settings, go to My Team

Step 2

Under the Your team members section, locate the user you'd like to edit and click the Edit icon

Step 3

Under Role, click on the dropdown menu, and select the new role

Step 4

Hit Save button, and you're all done!

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower right-hand side of this window to chat with us.

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