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Share & Review Links

Show your Design Pickle requests to external collaborators for review, even if they don't have a Design Pickle account!

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Share & Review Links make teamwork a breeze!

It enables you to share and seek feedback for your design requests with anyone, even if they don't have a Design Pickle account. No more hassle of adding them as users or configuring roles and permissions; all they need is a collaborator account.

Note: Share & Review Links are available exclusively with our Pro, Premium, and Power plans

Step 1

Navigate to your request and locate the "Share" button.

Note: You will only see this button when a request is in For Review request status

Step 2

A popup will appear. Enable the share link using the toggle and click "Copy Link".

This will copy the share link to your clipboard, ready to be shared with anyone you want to invite to collaborate.

Step 3

Share the link with anyone you want to collaborate with! You can share the link via email, Slack, Teams, or any other way you communicate!

You will also be able to see who has already logged in as a collaborator for this request in the 'Existing collaborators' section.

Step 4

If you wish to stop sharing your design request, you can disable the sharing link by toggling off the 'Enable link' switch. Anyone with the link, including existing collaborators, cannot access the request as a result.

Want to know what your collaborator sees and how they submit their annotation feedback? Check out How To Leave Feedback As A Collaborator.

A few things to note:

  • Collaborators can view past versions of your shared design request, but they can only leave annotations on the most recent version

  • Collaborators can't download files

  • Collaborators can't see any information about the original request, for example, your original design directions, file formats requested, or sizes you asked for

  • Any annotations or feedback added by your collaborators will not be automatically sent to your designer. You approve or reject any collaborator feedback before they are submitted to your designer as a revision.

  • Your request will remain in Customer Review until you mark it as complete or send revisions (either from you or your collaborators). The usual 30-day automation applies, which will auto-complete your request after 30 days if no revisions are sent to your designer

Collaborator feedback won't automatically reach your designer(s). You have control over the final approval of all comments and feedback a collaborator adds.

Step 1

Go back to your request in the normal way via your request queue.

Step 2

You will see annotations and feedback added by your collaborators on delivered design files.

Click on either the Approve or Reject button for the action you'd like to take on the feedback.

Step 3

If you Approve feedback, you can edit or delete it if you change your mind.

If you Reject feedback, you cannot edit or delete it.

Step 4

When done reviewing all the feedback, hit 'Send updates to my designer' to finalize and send any annotations and approved collaborator feedback to your designer.

Note: Your collaborator will only see 'Reviewed' on their feedback status. They will not know if you've Approved or Rejected their feedback.

Can I share the link with multiple people?


If I share the link with an existing Design Pickle user, do they need to create a collaborator account?

No, they can use their existing Design Pickle account.

What's the difference between a collaborator account and a regular Design Pickle account?

Collaborator accounts do not share access to your Design Pickle account; they will only be able to see requests linked to them through the Share & Review Link. They will not see your queue or other requests in your account.

Can collaborators see my other requests?

No, they cannot see your other requests, request queue, or account details. To add collaborators to multiple requests, you can send them a share link for each request you want them to collaborate with you.

Only users that you've added to your account will be able to access your request queue and account details (if they're an admin).

Is there an option to automatically approve feedback given by my collaborators without me having to approve/reject each one?

This is not available right now, and you will have to approve each submitted feedback.

However, if you do not wish to manually approve or reject all feedback, you can still mark a request as complete or send your own annotations to your designer.

When you click β€˜Send updates to my designer,’ you will be prompted to continue despite having pending collaborator feedback. If you click to continue, any unreviewed feedback will be automatically rejected.

Can I white-label the collaborative review page?

Yes! See the articles below to learn more:

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower right-hand side of this window to chat with us.

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