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Aside from the name, what's the difference between the Graphics subscription and Essentials/Scale?

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On April 12, 2021, we introduced a refreshed take on our Essentials plans called Scale. However, Graphic Design and Custom Illustrations still remained separate subscription plans.

On January 10, 2022, our Scale plans were discontinued and succeeded by our all-new Graphics plan, which simplified our services by consolidating both Graphic Design and Custom Illustrations under 1 plan. This applies to all subscription plan tiers.


  • No longer limited to a single designated designer

  • Access to an entire creative team

  • Access to multiple designer's skills & strengths

  • Access to both graphic designers and custom illustrators

Under the new Graphics plan, a design team is assigned to your account instead of just one specific designer. Your requests will be assigned to the best possible designer (or illustrator) within that team, depending on your request type.

Having a team assigned to your account enables you to tap into the skills and strengths of multiple creatives!


While you can access more creatives, only one designer (or illustrator) will work on your requests one at a time per business day (for 1 subscription).

If you would like multiple designers to work on your account simultaneously each business day (eg: 2 designers working on your request queue each shift), consider adding more subscription stacks to your account.

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