The answer here depends on which plan you're subscribed to!

Scale Graphic Design and Custom Illustration:

  • No dedicated designers/illustrators

  • No designated designers/illustrators

  • Your requests will be assigned using our Request-Based Designer or Illustrator Match to assign the best artist for the job

Pro Graphic Design:

  • No dedicated designers

  • Has designated designers

  • Your requests will get assigned to the specific designer assigned to your account

And for all plans, our creatives work with a portfolio of other clients within the business day - yours included!

Does this mean other clients are prioritized over me?

Not at all! While each designer may have multiple clients per day, there is a meticulous system in place that ensures each client will get work done* on their queue per business day. (*Depends on complexity)

Client designation is also limited based on how many clients a designer/team can handle. A client will not get assigned to a designer/team who already has a full roster of clients.

If one client asks for more work for a particular day, this may be pushed back so as not to affect another client's queue progress. Likewise, if you request for more work, your request may be declined as it will affect your designer's bandwidth for other clients.

I really need a large project completed asap though... how can I get more work done faster?

You could upgrade your subscription, and take up 2 or more 'slots' from the same designer (if their bandwidth is not full), or get a different designer on board your account to speed things up. 2 subscriptions/designers will cost 2x your monthly fee, 3 subscriptions will cost 3x, and so on.

Some clients may find this necessary, while others can maximize their subscription by other means. With proper planning and request queue management, you can get the most out of your subscription and your designer's bandwidth!

To do that, make sure that you give your designer enough lead time to complete your projects, especially if it's a large one, by submitting it well in advance of your deadline. If you'd like to have your request reviewed and get a properly assessed estimate* of completion, or if you'd like to ask if your designer can hit a certain deadline, you can ask your designer directly, or contact the Customer Success team at [email protected] .

(*Estimates will still depend on how smoothly the request progress goes, so revisions in between or other priority request added into your queue will delay the completion date.)

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