Scope: GIFs vs Motion Graphics

Learn the difference in animation quality between the two and which is available to you based on your subscription plan

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You may submit requests for GIF animations in any of our subscription plans! However, only our Premium & Power plans offer Motion Graphics.

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They're both animations, so what's the difference?

The biggest difference between a GIF animation and a Motion Graphic is that the latter can achieve more fluid or advanced animations, while the former can only do simple animations.

Our creatives use Adobe Photoshop to create GIF animations, and while Photoshop can create GIF animations, it's not primarily an animation software. This means only simple GIF animations are possible from subscription plans that don't come with our Motion Graphics service.

For requests that require advanced animations, our creatives use a different Adobe software: Adobe After Effects. This software specializes in Motion Graphics and can achieve more fluid animation than what's possible through Photoshop.

Check out the examples below comparing the two types of animations:

Simple/Rough Animation

Available in all plans

Advanced/Fluid Animation
โ€‹Exclusive to Premium & Power plans

It's easy to spot the difference once you look at the examples side by side!

Can I request a Motion Graphic GIF?

If you have a Premium or Power plan, yes! You can request for a Motion Graphic to be delivered as a GIF image file.

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