If you are looking for a simple guide explaining how long it will take to complete your request or revision, we’ve got it right here. But if you want to gain a more in-depth understanding of our turnaround time estimates, read on!

The turnaround time estimates in this article are not set in stone, as it ultimately boils down to your request’s specifications and complexity. These estimates are meant to be a general guide, and the final turnaround time will still be subject to the production team’s assessment.

The gist: More complex requests will take more time, while simpler ones will take less time.

What determines a bulky or complex request?

There are several reasons why a request would take longer than usual. The three most common reasons are bulk, complexity, and scope.


When the total number of deliverables exceed 3-4 per request.


  • 1 instagram post design, but 10 variations required

  • 1 web ad design, but 10 different sizes required

  • 1 workbook design, but it contains 10 pages

Even though only 1 design was requested, the total number of deliverables or output required still adds to the bulk of the request.


When a design request has a lot of requirements, text, long instructions, or a high level of detail.


  • 1 design only, but 10 different images need to be laid out within the design

  • 1 design only, but it needs 5 different sections and 5 paragraphs of text

  • 1 design only, but 3 completely different design options are required

  • 1-page design is requested, but each part of the request needs individual icons or graphical elements

These are just a few examples, but there are plenty of other combinations of scenarios that contribute to a request's complexity. The more details, content, text, and graphics needed for the design, the more complex it becomes.


When a design request has some out of scope elements, the team has to take extra time to assess your request and/or try to find a compromise (to bring it within scope) in order to complete your request.


  • Informing you that your request is out of scope and awaiting your response on suggested workarounds.

  • Awaiting for missing information/content needed to complete your request (such as missing files, fixing text sent in the wrong format, etc.)

Be sure to familiarize yourself with our Official Scope Of Service to know what we can do for you (our scope) and what we can’t (our limitations) for your specific subscription plan.

General Estimates:

Graphic Design (Scale/Pro)



Web Banners, Digital Ads, Social Media Ads & Graphics, Posters, Email Signature Graphics, Blog Headers, Photo Editing, E-commerce Graphics, Logos, etc.

About 1 business day per 1-2 designs


Signage, Packaging Labels, Stickers, Flyers/Posters, etc.

About 1 business day per 1-2 designs

Multipage (Digital or Printed) or Text Heavy:

Brochures, Menus, Booklets, E-books, Infographics, Web Mockups, etc.

About 1-2 business days per 1-8 pages


T-Shirt Design, Mug Design, Packaging Design, Pattern Design, etc.

About 1-2 business days per 1-3 designs

Any of the above that are of higher complexity, bulk, or both

More than 1 business day

You may ask your designer for an estimate of the project’s completion if you’d like a more accurate or specific estimate.

*All estimates still depend on a request’s specific complexity or bulk. Timelines may vary and are subject to the production team’s assessment.

Other FAQs:

Why did my designer suddenly ask for an extension?

If your request cannot be completed within 1 creative round, it's most likely due to higher bulk or complexity than normal. Your designer may send you a message letting you know they'll need more time to complete your request.

Why was my request broken into multiple requests?

Requests that have a high number of deliverables will need to be broken down into smaller, more manageable request batches. However, if the request or project is extremely large, the team may ask you to break down the request from your end instead.

Why is my new designer slower than my past designer?

You might still be in the dialing-in stage with your new designer, which usually takes up to 2 weeks. Give your designer a little time to learn your design preferences by giving them lots of honest & constructive feedback - doing so will help them learn your preferences quicker and they'll also be able to adjust their work for your review.

I was promised that I would get X designs per day, but I’m not getting that!

The turnaround time or amount of output per business day is something we cannot guarantee. Because each design request, client, and designer has too many different variables between them, it is nearly impossible to give an accurate turnaround time before seeing your actual design brief/instructions. If there was ever any communication about turnaround time, it was most likely an estimate.

Estimates change depending on how smoothly the progress of your request goes, if any revisions are required, or if there’s another higher priority request you want to have completed before continuing with your original request. All these factors affect the turnaround time of your request queue or specific design request.

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