In this article, we'll cover:

  • What is a queue and how to manage it

  • How cutoff time affects queue changes

  • How to receive or turn off queue notification emails

What is a Queue?

Your queue is where you'll see a list of all your requests. Because It is based on a simple slot system–requests at the ‘top’ of your queue will be worked on first while requests at the ‘bottom’ of your queue will be worked on last–you can drag and drop requests to prioritize which needs to be completed first.

There are 3 tabs at the top of your queue:

  • Active - for all of your active requests, both on your Designer’s deck or already being worked on. This is where you will also see completed requests ready for you to review, request a revision, and download your files or archive.

  • Draft - for all your draft requests which have not been sent to your designer

  • Archived - for all your archived and canceled requests

In the Active tab, drag and drop your requests to prioritize which needs to be worked on first. Note that changes to your queue must be made before the cutoff time for them to take effect during that day's shift. Once the status is set to ‘In Progress,’ it is already being worked on by your Designer.

Pro Tip: You can cancel requests that are on ‘On Deck’ at once by clicking its checkbox and hitting the Cancel button.

The Draft tab houses all your draft requests. As you build more and more requests, this tab could be filled with tons of drafts you no longer need. Simply click on their checkboxes to delete drafts all at one time.

The last tab is for all your completed and canceled requests. Completed requests take up space in the Active tab, so to send them to the Archived tab by clicking the 3-dot menu at the far right of a request, then choose ‘Archive’.

I moved something to the top of my queue. Why didn't my designer work on it?

New requests and changes to queues must be made before the cutoff time for them to take effect for that day's shift. Any changes you made to your queue after the cutoff time will be worked on during the next day’s shift.

How do I get notifications about my queue?

If you would like to receive notifications about the daily or weekly status of your queue, head to Settings > Notification Settings and select whether you would like queue notification emails on or off.

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