Design Pickle observes a "cut-off time" for processing new requests. This means any requests submitted past the cut-off time that day will not be worked on that evening's shift and instead will be considered for the next day!

🕰The current cutoff time for standard users is 5PM PST. 🕰

That converts to 6PM MST, 7PM CST, and 8PM EST

Pro Team Hours

The Pro team works from 9AM MST - 6PM MST (8AM - 5PM PST).  The whole team observes a one hour break every 1PM - 2PM MST. 

⏰Cutoff time for customers on the pro plan is 3PM PST (4PM MST/5PM CST/ 6PM EST). ⏰

If you are unsure about the hours in your timezone, you can simply head over to and convert it to your local timezone. 

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