Wondering what the status means for your design request? Use this handy guide to help you navigate the different statuses.



You have created a request but not yet sent it to us.

These are the requests ‘on deck’ for your creative to work on next. You can change the priority order of your on deck requests by dragging and dropping them up and down in your request queue. If you add a revision to an old request, it will move back to being ‘on deck.”

Your creative has sent you a question that needs to be answered/clarified before they can continue working on your request.

Your request is currently being worked on by your creative team. It is either in the design stage or quality assurance stage and will be delivered to you soon.

Your creative has completed your design and it has been delivered. You can download the files from the email notification or by clicking into the request to see the files or request a revision.

Archived status is only shown on the archived tab (in pink) when you close a request by clicking ‘mark as complete’ inside the ticket or ‘archive’ from the row actions menu.

These are requests you have canceled or trashed (in pink).

Active Tab (On Deck, Attention, In Progress, and Completed statuses)

Archived Tab (Archived and Canceled statuses)

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