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The importance of choosing the correct Request Type when creating your Request

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When you create your request, you'll first pick the type of design you need. Our request form conveniently brings up the list of categories with sample thumbnails of each request type to help you visually find the request type that's most suitable for your design request!

Choosing the correct request type is essential in determining which designer works on your request.

Based on your selected request type, your request will be assigned to the designer whose specialization best matches the skill set needed to create your design request.

Request Type

Assigned Designer

Custom Illustration


Trademarkable Logo, Merchandise Illustrations


Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic Artist

Presentation Design

Presentation Designer

Presentation Graphic Elements

Graphic Designer

Print Collaterals, Multipages, Signages, Packaging,

Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Visual Identity, Branding,

Non-Trademarkable Logos

Graphic Designer

Photoshop Edits

Graphic Designer

Social Media, Web & Digital

Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Website (Light Web Design)

Graphic Designer

Here's a list of the different request types available on our platform:

Custom Illustration Request Types:

  • Animals

  • Blueprint/Floor Plans

  • Caricatures

  • Cartoon Comic Strip

  • Children's Storybook

  • Coloring Books

  • Complex Vector Edit

  • Concept Art

  • Custom Typography

  • Game Assets

  • Geometric Art

  • Icons/Objects

  • Illustrated GIFs

  • Illustrated Infographic

  • Trademarkable Logo

  • Illustrated Manuals

  • Landscape/Background

  • Mascot or Character Creation

  • Medical Illustrations

  • Merchandise Illustrations

  • Other Illustrations

  • Photo to Vector Conversion

  • Portraits

  • Scene Illustration

Graphic Design Request Types:

  • Print Collaterals

    • Cards

    • Flyers

    • Invites

    • Newsletters

    • Other Collateral

    • Postcards

    • Posters

  • Multipage

    • Book Covers

    • Brochures

    • Catalogs

    • Magazines

    • Sales Sheets

  • Merchandise

    • Apparel

    • Etsy Merchandise

    • Mug Graphics

    • Other Merchandise

    • T-Shirt Graphics

    • Stickers

  • Signages

    • Banner

    • Outdoor Graphics / Signage

    • Roll-Up Banners

    • Trade Show Displays

  • Packaging

    • Packaging Labels

  • Visual Identity

    • Corporate Identity

    • Non-Trademarkable Logos

  • Photoshop Edits

    • Basic Photo Editing & Manipulation

  • Social Media

    • Etsy

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • LinkedIn

    • Other Social Media Graphics

    • Pinterest

    • Social Media Collateral

    • Twitch

    • Twitter

    • YouTube

  • Web & Digital

    • Ads

    • Blog Graphics

    • E-commerce Graphics

    • Email Signatures

    • Google Display Ads

    • Hero Images

    • Icons

    • Mockups

    • Other Digital Graphics

    • Other Web Sizes

    • Podcast Cover

  • GIFs

    • GIFs

  • Website

    • Light Web Design

  • Presentation Elements

    • Presentation Graphic Elements

Presentation Design Request Types:

  • Presentation Design

Motion Graphic Request Types:

  • Advanced TItling

  • Animated Ad

  • Animated Explainer

  • Animated Logo

  • Animated Text

  • Graphic Loop

  • Motion Graphics

  • Product Animation

  • Template Editing

  • Transparent Animated Assets

  • UI/UX Animation

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