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Exclusively for our Premium subscribers, Graphic Design and Presentation design can be delivered in Canva format!

You must have a Canva account for this file format to work, as having a Canva account will enable you to make changes to the design once it's delivered to you.

Note: Team Backup for Graphic Design must be turned on to request and receive Canva files. This can be changed under Settings > Company Profile > Team Backup.

What type of designs can I get delivered in Canva?

  • Presentation design

  • Print collateral (max 2 pages)

  • Social media

  • Web & digital graphics

How are Canva format designs created?

Design requests are created in Adobe Software and exported to Canva. Our designers do not work in native Canva (even for revisions).

How do I request for a Canva file?

Under Format, you will see the Canva option in the drop down menu for any eligible request type within our Graphic Design scope of services. Simply click on the Canva icon to select it!

When your design is ready, our team will send you a Canva share link asking you to save the design into your Canva account.

You can then tweak the design on your end using Canva.

What kind of changes can I make in Canva?

You will be able to make changes such as:

  • Changing colors

  • Resizing shapes

  • Rotating elements, and so much more

Plus, you still have unlimited revisions in Design Pickle! If you’d like your Design Pickle designer to make more complex changes to the design, please send those revisions back in the Design Pickle platform, not in Canva.

Please be sure to include the revised Canva link when you send revisions. Unfortunately, our creatives won’t have access to the design in Canva once it has been sent to you.

Do I need to add Design Pickle designers to my Canva account?

No. We will send you a Canva share link for each design request which you will need to click on to accept/save the editable Canva design into your account.

Will designers see the comments I add to Canva designs?

No. Our designers won’t see any comments/revisions that you add to designs in Canva. All revisions/feedback/comments must be provided via the Design Pickle Platform.

Can my designer edit the design inside my Canva account?

No. Once you have saved the shared design to your Canva account, our designer has no access to that version. For revisions, a new version will be created and shared with you rather than our designer editing the original shared version.

Are there any Presentation-specific scope/limitations when it comes to Canva delivery?

Yes, we have a few limitations when it comes to requesting a Canva format Presentation Design:

  • You may use Canva Presentation Templates, or have your designer create a design for you

  • We can only send one source format per design request for Presentation Design (Canva, PowerPoint, or Google Slides)

  • If the presentation request is too complex to be accommodated in Canva, your creative will let you know and proceed to design it in PowerPoint instead

    • Complex presentation designs include but are not limited to customized graphics, master slides, multiple transition effects, and non-templated designs

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower righthand-side of this window to chat with us.

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