How To Create A Motion Graphic Request

Learn what you need to create the perfect Motion Graphics request!

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When making a Motion Graphics request, it's important to consider a few key factors to ensure a smooth progression of your project. These include:

  1. Concise Instructions

  2. Provide A Storyboard/Video Script

  3. Provide Inspiration/References

  4. Provide Complete And Final Assets/Files (Audio/Video)

  5. Clear And Detailed Feedback, All At Once

  6. Branding Or Style Notes

Now, let's delve into each of these aspects for a better understanding.

Explain what you expect from the final output briefly but thoroughly. Clear and straightforward instructions help decrease the number of revision rounds, resulting in faster delivery.

Bonus points if you're able to provide Technical details, such as:

  • Resolution

  • Duration

  • File format

  • Frame Rate

Not sure about your request's technical details? Worry not!

Just let us know the purpose of the request, and your designer can suggest industry standards.

Provide a guide for your designer to refer to when creating the Motion Graphic. Any of these two will do:

  • Storyboard or rough draft of scenes

  • Video Script or list of scenes with descriptions

Storyboard Sample:

Video Script Sample:

Send us examples of Motion Graphic work that you like (eg: by linking a youtube video or attaching a sample) so that your designer can get a feel of what style you like.

Pro Tip: If you don't have dynamic (animated/videos) examples on hand, you may also provide static (still images/pictures) examples.


Providing the complete files/assets at the very start of your project will help the overall composition of your Motion Graphic to have better timing, and be more cohesive.

Avoid submitting requests with files 'to follow later' as this will cause delays. For example:

  • Provide voiceover files right away, instead of sending them over once the Motion Graphic is done

  • Sending voiceover files later will result in 2x the work as the timing and animations need to be revised and adjusted to the new pacing, which will cause a delay in the request's delivery time

Motion Graphic projects take much longer to turn around than your average Graphic Design request. Therefore, it's much better to submit revision feedback with all the changes needed all at once.

Pro Tip: During each creative round, review and gather all the changes you need done, then submit it all at once. Avoid jumping back to previous versions for revisions, as it will affect all current progress and delay turnaround.

If you have a particular branding or design style you'd like to be applied to your Motion Graphic, please be sure to include it in your instructions and provide the necessary branding guides or reference files.

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