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What types of logos can I create?

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Here are the two types of logo designs you can make under all subscription plans:

1. Non-Trademarked Logo

2. Trademarked Logo

Here's a comparison between the two, which shows the difference between a non-trademarked logo and a trademarked logo:

Non-Trademarked Logo

Trademarked Logo

Best for...

...simple logos or logos that do not need to be trademarked

...complex logos or logos that need to be trademarked


Generally faster to complete compared to trademarked logos

Generally takes a longer time to complete

Who works on it?

A graphic designer will work on the request

A custom illustrator will work on the request


Uses stock images, which have a shared license

License is not shared; you own the logo 100%


Text-Based Logos (Using fonts that are free for commercial use)

Can make use of free for commercial use fonts, or custom/drawn typography


Logos with Icons/Graphics

Makes use of graphics from our Stock Images Library, which is tweaked/edited to create a unique design for your brand

Logos drawn from scratch

100% customized and original

Does not need to use Stock Images


New logo concepts with specific instructions & a clear direction

With attached references for design inspiration

New logo concepts without specific instructions, but with a clear design direction

With attached references for design inspiration

Design Examples

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