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What types of logos can I create?

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You can totally have a logo made with any of our subscription plans!

Here are the kinds of logo designs we can create:

1. Graphic Design logos:

  • Text-Based Logos (Using fonts that are free for commercial use)

  • Logos with Icons/Graphics

  • New logo concepts with specific instructions & a clear direction

  • Makes use of graphics from our Stock Images Library, which is tweaked/edited to create a unique design for your brand

2. Custom Illustration logos:

  • 100% customized and original, built from scratch (does not use Stock Images)

  • Can make use of free for commercial use fonts, or custom/drawn typography

  • New logo concepts without specific instructions, but with a clear design direction

  • With attached references for design inspiration

What's the difference?

1. Graphic Design logos:

  • A graphic designer will work on the request

  • Generally faster to complete compared to illustrated logos

  • Uses stock images, which has a shared license

  • Best used for simple logos, or logos that do not need to be trademarked

2. Custom Illustration logos:

  • A custom illustrator will work on the request

  • Generally takes a longer time to complete

  • License is not shared, you own the logo 100%

  • Best used for more complex logos, or logos that need to be trademarked

Logo Request Examples:

  • Example Request 1: Please create a logo for my company "Cookie Dough" and use an icon of a cookie on the first letter o of the word Cookie. Use the colors of cookies (shades of brown). The word Cookie should be on top and the word Dough at the bottom.

  • Example Request 2: I have a new company called "Cookie Dough". I want it to look fun and inviting. Simple and not too busy. Here are some samples of logos I like. [reference logos attached]

If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to email [email protected] or just hit the chat icon on the bottom-right corner to get in touch with our awesome Customer Success Team!

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