How Do I Contact My Designer?

The different ways of communicating with your creative team

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Have a revision or want to leave feedback on your latest design request? Here are several ways to contact your designer or creative team.

Design Pickle Platform


Slack Chat*


Graphics Pro

Graphics Premium

*Only your designated creative will be available for chat on your Slack channel, and they will facilitate any messages you have for the rest of your creative team.

Design Pickle Platform

Design Pickle Platform (DPP), or the 'Pickle Jar' as it's sometimes referred to, this is the best place to submit your requests, revisions, and feedback! The platform enables you to have a conversation thread with your designer or creative and keeps your revision feedback organized, as it's all in one place.


You can also reply directly to your designer's email through your chosen email inbox. Your reply gets sent through email and also gets sent to your request thread in the Design Pickle Platform.

You can use this in a pinch, however, our top recommendation is still to use the Design Pickle Platform.

Slack Chat

Our Pro and Premium plans subscribers get to enjoy live chat with their primary designated designer* through Slack. You'll have your own Slack channel where you can communicate extra request details, revision feedback, or other information you'd like to pass on to your designer.

*Accounts with multiple designated designers/creatives will only have 1 point person or primary designated designer they'll be able to chat with in Slack. You may still send direct feedback to your other creatives through the request thread in the Design Pickle Platform or by replying to their email.

While you can chat with your designer in real time with a Pro or Premium subscription, we do have some limitations.

No phone or video calls

Currently, our services do not support phone or video calls with your designer. If you find that you're not the best at communicating through written means, don't fret! You may share a screen recording with your designer instead.

✅ Screen Recording (max 3min)

  • Best for recording your screen along with your verbal notes

❌ Audio Recording

  • An audio clip without a screen recording or visual reference to your revision/feedback is not accepted.

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower right-hand side of this window to chat with us.

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