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We use Slack as our go-to messaging app to send chat messages to your designated designer, which they can respond to in real-time.

When you subscribe to our Pro, Premium, or Power plan, you’ll be invited to join our private Slack Workspace. In this group, you'll have your own channel that connects you with your Designated Designer.

You'll have one Designated Designer as a single point of contact in Slack (even if you have multiple subscriptions), and is assigned based on your self-selected primary service type within your Plan.

For example, if you are a Pro customer and you indicate that your primary service type is Custom Illustrations (CI), you will be assigned to a CI Designated Designer/Artist in the Slack channel. This can be changed if your primary service changes by contacting our Customer Success team at [email protected].

While you can chat with your Designated Designer to collaborate with them or fine-tune your instructions, it's best to use Slack for quick clarifications.

✅ Do


Give your designer a heads-up on changes in your priority request(s)

"Hey @Daniel, I Just wanted to let you know I added a new priority request, The Social media Request. Please let me know if you have any questions!"

Confirm what will be worked on for the day

"Can you confirm which request will be worked on today?"

Thank your designer

"That request turned out so good. Thank you so much!"

For lengthier instructions or revision notes, it's best to put them in the request thread in the Design Pickle Platform instead.

❌ Avoid


✅ Do This Instead

Send files to your designers

"Here are a couple of files with needed revisions"

It's best to upload this within the request page itself

Ask for a new request or lengthy revision

"This turned out great! Next, could you do the same thing and apply a different branding? Here are the differences between the two brands..."

This should be submitted as a brand new request in the web platform.

What to say instead:

"I've added new revision notes in the request, please take a look and let me know any questions."

Non-design related inquiries

"I need a copy of my invoice, please send it to me"

Instead, contact our Support Team as they're the quickest way to get what you need outside design inquiries!

Note: Submitting new requests and revisions directly through the Design Pickle Platform instead of Slack ensures that any changes are documented properly and are not missed in case a different designer needs to step in.

Tags are a feature in Slack that lets you notify certain people or groups that you've left a message for them. To use tags, use the "@" symbol followed by applicable handles.


  • Talking to your Designer: Hey @Jessica, I just wanted to let you know I submitted a request for our latest ad campaign. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Talking to your Account Executive: @KevinSmith I have a question about billing and was hoping you could help me out.

  • @here will notify anyone active in that channel of your message

  • @channel will notify everyone in that channel, regardless of whether they're currently online or not


We encourage the use of emojis! We're obviously partial to the dancing pickle emoji, but feel free to be playful and creative, practical and straightforward, or whatever fits your mood.


We also love photos and uploads. To keep things organized, though, be sure to upload any photos or images relevant to your creative request into the Design Pickle Platform rather than into Slack. Of course you can use Slack to send attachments or images that you may have forgotten to add into the original request, but the more you put into DPP the better information your designer has upfront.

Since you're in a private Slack channel with your creative, only people in that channel will be able to see any ongoing communications.


Keep your conversations organized by using threads in Slack. Click here to see how.

If you need any additional help, there are a whole bunch of guides published by Slack, available here: https://get.slack.help/hc/en-us/categories/202622877-Slack-Guide

Ways to access Slack:

Once you've been onboarded to our Pro, Premium, or Power service, you'll be sent a Slack invitation to join us in our Workspace.

Upon accepting your invitation, you'll be prompted to fill out your profile. Here, you can add some details about yourself and upload a profile photo so your designer(s) can see who they’re working with

Contact our Support Team and let us know that you need a Slack Connect link. With Slack Connect, we will generate an invite. Once accepted, you can add the designer(s) and certain members of our Production Team to your already-existing Slack channel.

*You must already have your own Slack Channel to use Slack Connect

What's the difference between Slack Connect and a regular Slack Invite?

With a regular Slack Invite, you will be able to join your designated designer in a private Slack channel set up by our Production team. A limit of three users is allowed in the channel.

With Slack Connect, your designated designer will join your channel to work directly with your team. This is a great solution for larger teams that already work in Slack, as you control who can join and interact with your designer.

You may add up to three of your team members (including yourself) to your Slack channel; however, it is important to have a point person in your chat group that your creative can turn to if multiple team members submit requests simultaneously.

This way, your creative will follow the point person’s instructions on which requests should be worked on first, as it is not guaranteed that several urgent requests will all be delivered on the same day.

Our creatives are available during their shift hours (See: Time Zones and Cut-Off Times). Any messages left outside your creative's shift will be answered during the next work shift.

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower right-hand side of this window to chat with us.

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