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Design Pickle's services are recurring subscriptions with no long-term contracts required. This allows you to cancel your membership or adjust your subscriptions at any time. Those changes are then applied at the end of your current billing/subscription period.

We do not offer refunds for our creative services & ongoing subscription plans. However, you may cancel your account before your next renewal period to prevent auto-renewal. Your account will remain active for the rest of your billing period, and automatically close at the end of your subscription period. (Important: If you haven't submitted a cancellation, your subscription(s) will auto-renew.)

As per our Terms & Conditions, we do not give any refunds for unused time. You can still make the most of your remaining subscription time by submitting requests before the end of your subscription period.

Are you on a quarterly or annual plan within 2 weeks of signing up?

If you have any questions, you may contact our Support team by emailing [email protected], or click on the chat button on the lower right side of your window to have a live chat with us.

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