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Effective February 7, 2023, Design Pickle will collect sales tax for customers in the following states due to legal requirements. Learn more about the Economic Nexus Tax here.

The US states currently required to pay sales tax are listed below*:

  • CO - NOTE: Design Pickle services fall under 'digital goods' as the delivered files include graphic art, custom illustrations, digital collaterals, etc. This is subject to sales tax even if the delivery method is electronic. Please refer to Colorado Code Regulations Section 201-4:39-26-102(15) for more information.

  • PANOTE: Only a flat rate outside Allegheny County and Philadelphia

*This list is subject to change. More states may be added in the future to comply with each state's sales tax laws.

For states that require the payment of sales tax, it will be charged upon cart checkout (for new customers) and through subscription renewal (for existing customers).

I have a tax exemption. What do I need to show you, so I don’t have to pay?

If you are exempt from sales tax, send your state-issued Sales Tax Exemption document along with the name on your Design Pickle account to us at [email protected] PRIOR to your next renewal charge or before signing up.

What is the total Sales Tax based on?

The taxes are based on the subtotal amount of your cart or subscription renewal.

How do I know which state's Sales Tax is applicable to my account?

Your payment information's billing address (eg: credit card used in your account) determines your Sales Tax.

What zip code should I use if my company has more than one location?

Use your payment method's billing address. This applies to all payment methods e.g. Credit Card (CC), ACH, Invoice, etc. Your account must have a valid billing address of your payment method, including country code and zip code.

Where do I update my zip code?

If you're the account Administrator, simply go to your Company Profile settings and click on the pencil icon in the Billing Information section to edit your Billing Address.

If not, please contact your account's Administrator to update your Billing Address. You can check who your account's Administrator is by heading to Settings, and clicking on My Team.

Why do some plans have taxes but others don’t?

Every state has its own sales tax laws which are based on the type of product being sold. Because our plans offer different features, this can result in different taxation rules.

I am not located in the USA or the states listed above. Do I need to pay the sales tax?

At present, sales tax is only required for customers/businesses in the US states listed above, however, all customers must provide their billing address in their account. The list of states is subject to change based on the volume of threshold, or any other changes in the sales tax law and more states may be added in the future.

Whether you are located in the USA or not, your billing address is still required.

Why can’t I use my account/services even though I've already paid?

Your account is missing a valid billing address. You will be asked to update it before being able to use the platform as usual.

Below is an example of the prompt you'll receive if you're not the Admin of the account. If you are the Admin, you will see a form under the prompt where you can update your billing information.

I lost my state-issued Sales Tax Exemption document. What can I do?

Reach out to your state to request a new copy. Then, send your state-issued Sales Tax Exemption document along with the name on your Design Pickle account to us at [email protected].

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower right-hand side of this window to chat with us.

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