Are There Any Long-Term Contracts?
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Design Pickle never has a contract - however, the closest thing we have to a lock-in period is our subscription billing cycle:

Available Subscription Periods / Billing Cycles

  • 1-Month (Monthly Plans)

  • 3-Month (Quarterly Plans)

  • 12-Month (Annual Plans)

Our shortest subscription period or billing cycle is one (1) month, but we also have 3-month (quarterly) and 12-month (annual) subscription terms.

When you subscribe to a monthly plan, you'll receive a month-long subscription to Design Pickle, regardless of your usage level.

For quarterly or annual plans, the process is similar, but the subscription lasts for 3 or 12 months, respectively.

All subscriptions auto-renew based on the subscribed billing cycle.

Don't want your subscription to auto-renew?

Submit a cancellation before your subscription renews to prevent auto-renewal.

Once a subscription renews, there are no refunds for unused time on any plan under any circumstances.

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