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What kind of Illustrations can I create in Design Pickle?

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Our Custom Illustrations offer high-quality, custom-illustrated work using the tried and true Design Pickle delivery model.

What does Custom Illustrations feature?

  • Professional Illustrators and Vector artists

  • 100% Original Artwork

  • Built into Design Pickle's platform

  • Flat rate pricing for unlimited requests

If you are interested in or a proud owner of any of our subscription plans, the first question you may have is, "What can I make?"

Well, let's go over this, shall we?

Here’s what we can do:

Illustration Type



An illustrated rendition of someone’s face or bust. This can sometimes be more interesting and impactful than an actual photograph!


A subject’s most striking characteristics (such as huge eyes or a big hairdo) are exaggerated, creating a comic effect.

Photo to Vector Conversion

A photograph is in raster format, which means it’s not infinitely scalable to larger sizes. A vector image, on the other hand, can scale cleanly to any size at all. You can have your photos vectorized. The degree of realism may vary depending on the style you’re aiming for.

Mascot or Character Creation

Just like a logo, your mascot symbolizes your brand. But unlike logos, mascots are exclusively designed to personify or humanize your brand.

Vector Edits

If you have an existing vector illustration you love but want to customize it to fit your content, we can work on creating a brand-new illustration.

Blueprints/Floor Plans*

If you have a rough blueprint or floor plan you'd like to get cleaned up and finalized, we've got you! We can trace over your sketch or make adjustments to an existing one.

We can only create new blueprints with visual guidance, as our illustrators are not trained in this more specialized/technical form of illustration.

*See limitations below

Merchandise Illustration

Sometimes, merch needs to be illustrated to show off its more technical features. We can create simple to complex vector illustrations of your branded merchandise.

Illustrated storybooks

A children’s storybook isn’t complete without custom illustrations! Send us your story and let us know which pages* need illustrations.

Illustrated Manuals

Just like children’s storybooks, manuals aren’t complete without guiding images. We can help you create these helpful pictures for your instructional manual.

Coloring Books

Coloring is a really therapeutic exercise. We can help you create interesting, fun-to-color black and white illustrations.

Icons / Objects

Customized icons can revamp your infographic and other designs! Add icons/objects to help get your message across. We can easily create these for you!


Pets, predators, amphibians, reptiles and more. Whatever animals you want to see illustrated in different art styles just send us a request!

Custom Typography

Looking for a more unique look than the usual fonts? Custom typography is the way to go for adding a unique and engaging twist to your designs.

We can create typography design/graphics, or even individual letters! Though in the case of creating a new font, we can only provide the letters in our supported file formats. If you'd like to turn them into useable font formats, you'll have to do it on your end.

Landscape / Background

We can provide different and unique backgrounds suited for your brand. We can also illustrate scenery.


Customized logos that are built-from-scratch, created for your brand. These logos do not make use of any stock images and are 100% original artwork.

Photo Realism

The photo realistic/realistic art style is an illustration that accurately resembles a person/thing.

Pretty great right? Below is a list of things we are not able to do.    

But, of course, we have limitations. Here’s a list of what we can’t do:

❌ Inappropriate Requests

  • Sexually Explicit

  • Defamatory

  • Ethnically/Racially Offensive

  • Anything that Design Pickle deems inappropriate or is against Design Pickle’s core values

❌ Trademarked Names, Brands, And Quotes

❌ 3D art that requires 3D modeling software tools

❌ Any advanced or technical illustrations that require precise measurements, including but not limited to:

  • Blueprint or Floorplans

  • Product Designs

  • Packaging Designs

❌ Anime/Manga

This style is too complex and detailed. Anime with flat render is doable but if requested in bulk, the project will take time to finish.

Can I request revisions?

Yes, definitely. However, please take note:

  • Revision requests should be limited to minor revisions that will not result in creating new illustration concepts.

  • When you request a revision, your Illustrator will give you two new options based on your feedback.

  • If it's a new concept, starting a new request is better! This will help keep things organized.

How long will it take to get my illustration request completed?

Each request is unique, so unlike more traditional production designs, we'll work on setting timelines for your requests as soon as we receive them. Expect to receive first concepts, studies, or drafts within 1-2 business days. From there, how long your request may take depends on the request, feedback, edits, and other factors!

What is the cut-off time to submit illustration requests?

Will I have a designated illustrator?

Designated illustrators are only available in our Pro, Premium, and Power subscriptions if your primary creative is an illustrator.

For our Graphics subscription, each request will be reviewed and assigned to the best available illustrator.

Are the illustrations original and safe from copyright issues?

Yes! Illustrations are made from scratch and are original concepts from the artists working on each request.

Who owns the creative rights?

100% of the creative rights of your requested illustrations belong to YOU.

Can my illustrator do Graphic Design?

Our illustrators are focused on creating original illustrations from scratch. Illustrators have mastered different art styles and techniques for creating illustrations.

Graphic design is a much different process and skill set. Both take years of experience to master. If you submit a Graphic Design request, it'll most likely be assigned to a different team member who specializes in design.

How can my Graphic Designer and Illustrator collaborate?

After creating an illustration, you can send this illustration to their Graphic Designer and incorporate it into your request's final layout.

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower right-hand side of this window to chat with us.

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