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Interested in signing up for a Pro or Premium account? Great! 

If you are new to Design Pickle, all you have to do is head over to our signup page at

Already have an account with us?

Upgrading is simple! First off, you need to be your account's admin to do this:

  1. Log in to your account on the Design Pickle Platform and head to Settings > Company Profile

  2. Go to the Plans section and you will see your Subscriptions.

3. Find the Graphics Pro or Premium option. Simply click on Subscribe.

4. Next, choose your Billing Period and how many Subscriptions you need.

5. You will be shown your total charge for adding this Pro Subscription. If you agree, go back up to Subscriptions, tick the checkbox to authorize the charge and then click Save.

There you go, your account will be upgraded to Pro!

6. Select your preferred time zone in your company settings by clicking the "edit" link next to company information. Your designer can either work on Eastern, Pacific or Australian time.

7. Once we have all your information, we'll work on getting you your Slack invitation and matching you with a designer!

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