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All About Multi-Request Projects

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So, you've got a complex, multi-request project you need to get done. We may be able to help you!

However, in order for us to be effective, we have limitations as to how bulky each design request submission is. So the best way for us to handle your big request is to deliver them in multiple batches.

What's the best way to submit a big design project?
By separating them into multiple, smaller design requests!

If your design volume exceeds 5-10 designs in one request, separate the submission of your requests into batches.

Your queue should end up looking something like this:

Once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy to do!

Sometimes, you'll need the help of multiple creatives to get your project done. In this example, we'll take a look at how an animated GIF emoji gets done from start to finish.

This involves a few creatives:

  1. Custom Illustrator

    • They will start the illustration drafts, and plan the animation frames.

    • They will to the final render and coloring of the asset.

    • They will not animate the GIF. This will be passed on to a Graphic Designer.

  2. Graphic Designer

    • They will compile the completed illustrations from the Custom Illustrator to form an animation.

    • They will deliver the final GIF animation.

Step 1

Submit your design request

Your design request may start off like this:

Step 2

Once submitted, your creative (a custom illustrator) will give you a heads-up on the estimated Turnaround Time and their plan on how they'll tackle the request.

Step 3

Then they'll first deliver a sketch, or a first draft. At this point, you can make any revisions, and the designer will work on them during their next shift.

Step 4

Next, a graphic designer will take over and finish the second half of the request, but sometimes, your first creative can complete the entire request on their own!

Voila, it's completed!

Remember, the larger, and more complex the request, the longer it may take to complete.

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