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Design Pickle's Motion Graphic service is included in the Graphics Premium plan and lets you apply motion to graphic design.

We can create fully customized motion graphics projects, or apply motion graphics on top of your videos. We can also edit motion graphics templates and tweak them to your liking.

⚠️ Just keep in mind that:

  • Video editing and audio editing are out of scope in our Motion Graphics plan

Our creatives use Adobe After Effects, so you can request AEP (Adobe After Effects source file), MOGRT, MP4, or MOV file formats!

✅ Scope: What we can do

Here is a list of what's in scope:

  • Animated logos

  • Animated text

  • Graphic loop

  • Animated ads

  • Animated explainers

  • Production animation

  • UX/UI Animation

  • Animated titling

  • Transparent animated assets

  • Video stitching

  • Subtitling

  • Audio stitching

  • Template editing

❌ Limitations: What we can’t do

  • Video/Audio Editing

    • Our creative team will not modify, rearrange, trim or manipulate video footage nor audio files in any way; these type of assets must be provided in fully edited/finalized form by you.

  • Non-motion graphics work

    • Request needs to have at least one graphic animated element to be considered inside of scope.

      • These are some examples of non-MG requests:

        • Stitch two videos assets together, no animation needed

        • Resize this 16:9 video to square size, no animation needed

        • Subtitle this video, no animation needed

        • Replace photos in this MG template, no tweaking to animation is needed

  • 4K Videos*

    • Our creative teams deliver in industry standard for Full HD digital videos (1920 x 1080 resolution).

    • We don't recommend 4K video format as it may cause longer turnaround time and delay other requests. If you still want a 4K video, let your creative know and they will assess if it's possible.

  • Visual Effects Creation/CGI creation

  • Chrome Key Compositing

  • Rotoscoping

  • Motion Tracking

  • Voiceover recording

  • Writing or transcribing audio

  • Complex 2D character animation stories

  • 3D Animation

  • Trademarked names, brands, and quotes


Motion graphics videos can last a maximum of 5 minutes.

Motion graphics requests usually take 2-7 business days to complete, but more complex videos may require additional time. To ensure we meet your deadlines, submit complex requests with ample lead time and communicate actively with the creative working on your request to establish an accurate final delivery date. The amount of graphics, moving parts, revisions, and overall project complexity can affect the turnaround time, so maintaining an open line of communication with your designer is crucial.


Can I see some work samples?

Can I send my creative a video and have Motion Graphics added to it?

  • Yes, but the video needs to be the final version – Motion Graphics does not include video editing.

Can you sequence my videos together?

  • As long as it does not need further video editing, we can stitch your videos together!

Do you provide Motion Graphic templates or Stock Video assets?

Do you provide audio?

  • Yes! Our motion graphic artists can access the Envato music and sound effects library, which means we can provide audio from the Envato library.

    Alternatively, you can find royalty-free music to use at Pixabay Music, Shutterstock, Adobe, or even YouTube Studio (some are free, others are paid for). If you opt to source your audio outside of Envato library, you must provide the files to us.

Do you provide voice-overs?

  • No, but if you have a voice-over audio file ready, we can add it.

How are the assets used in the Motion Graphic created?

  • We have several options:

    • You can provide the assets to us by uploading them in the request form.

      • If your project contains video footage or audio assets (outside of Envato), they must be provided by you.

    • We can use Adobe Stock graphics/icons and customize those to fit your brand.

    • We can create Custom Graphics or Illustrations if needed (needs more time to complete)

    • We can use assets from the Envato Elements library

Is there a limit to the upload/download file size?

  • Not more than 5GB worth of assets in a single request.

    The more assets you provide to the creative team, the longer it will take to review all the content and assess what should be used in your project. Auditing materials, especially video footage, still takes time and work. To ensure that your turnaround time will not be negatively impacted, please provide only the necessary assets and files.

If you have any questions or clarifications, please email [email protected] or just hit the chat icon on the bottom-right corner to contact our awesome Customer Success Team!

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