Scope: Presentation Design
What can you do with Presentation Design?
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If you're subscribed to any of our plans, you'll be able to create presentation designs with us! Using Adobe software, our designers are able to create beautiful presentations for your design needs.

Our Pro and Premium plans have specialized presentation designers that can create presentations directly in Powerpoint or Google Slides, so that you can get the source file if that's what you require!

Scope & Limitations:

Supported Presentation File Types


Graphics Pro

Graphics Premium




Google Slides

✅ Within Scope:

  • Media File Insertions: (depends on file size - exclusive to Pro & Premium) GIF, Video, Audio

  • Slide Movements: (exclusive to Pro & Premium) Slide Transition Effects, Object Animations

  • Supporting Graphic Design & Illustrations: Infographics, charts, diagrams, background designs, characters, typography, icons/objects

  • Landscape Orientation - 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio/size

  • Master Slides

🚫 Out of Scope:

  • Print/web files to PowerPoint conversion

  • High-resolution and interactive PDFs

  • Interactive presentation elements (eg: interactive text or popups)

  • Content writing and retyping

  • Presentation conversion formats like Keynote and Prezi

  • Designs that are not presentations to be delivered in presentation format (eg: a poster design in PPT format)

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