Scope: Motion Graphics Work Samples
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Animated Logos

  • Intro/outro video animations that bring your brand logo to life.

Animated Text

  • Motion text to express ideas and tell stories.

Graphic Loops

  • Simple, graphic elements animated into a perfect, seamless loop.

Animated Ads

  • Motion graphics are meant to promote a company's products or services in a compelling way.

Animated Explainers

  • Motion graphics that explain the full scope of your business, product, or service in a visually engaging way.

Product Animation

  • Showcase your product with an engaging motion graphics animation.

UX/UI Animation

  • Display your existing UI/UX design in an animated video.

Animated Titling

  • Enhance your video footage with moving titles.

Transparent Animated Assets

  • Enhance your video footage with overlaid transparent animated graphics.

Transition Effects

Our creatives will be able to use transition effects available in Adobe After Effects.

Video Stitching

  • Placing customer provided, finalized/fully edited video assets together.


  • Customer-Provided Transcripts Required

Audio Stitching

  • Placing finalized/fully edited audio file(s) such as voice-over or background music into the video.

Template Editing

  • We can edit Adobe After Effects templates and customize it to your needs.

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