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Design Pickle's Motion Graphics service is included in the Graphics Premium plan and lets you apply motion to graphic design.


❌ Trademarked names, brands, and quotes

❌ Photorealistic visual effects

❌ Editing video/film content, such as trimming a raw video (Motion Graphics is not video editing)

❌ Videos longer than our maximum video duration (30-90 seconds)

❌ Advanced compositing

❌ 3D animation

❌ Voiceovers or other non-motion graphics work

Although motion graphics can be applied to video and used to enhance a piece of video content, Motion Graphics Artists are not able to edit the underlying video. What they can do is add visual elements to an already existing/finalized video, or create a standalone animation, applying movement to the graphic design.

Now that the limitations are out of the way, here's what we can create for you!

Scope & Turnaround:

A general estimate is that it takes 2-7 business days to complete motion graphic requests. The longer & more complex the video, the longer it'll take! The amount of graphics, moving parts, revisions, and overall complexity add on to the time it takes to complete a request, so for some projects, it may take longer than 7 days to complete.


Moving text that uses motion to express ideas and tell stories.


Used to enhance your message, point to a specific feature or object in the video, or introduce a topic or person with moving titles.

✅ ANIMATED LOGOS: 1-2 days

Includes intro/outro video animations.

Sometimes referred to as a production logo or vanity card in the film and television industry, an animated logo brings your brand logo to life.


Easily show how your product functions and behaves when customers use it.

(Maximum Duration: 90 seconds)

✅ ANIMATED ADS: 3-5 days

2D animated advertisements showcase the problem your business solves, how it solves it, and for whom it solves it in a compelling and fun way.

(Maximum Duration: 90 seconds)

✅ UI/UX ANIMATION: 3-5 days

Showing the form and function of your user interface and user experience.
Provide your existing UI/UX design, and we can add dynamic motion & effects in video format!

✅ GRAPHIC LOOPS: 1-2 days

Whether on display at trade shows, events, your business’s office headquarters, or online on review platforms, graphic loops are simple, animated elements that can include logos, text, and patterns in addition to other elements to create a seamless visual graphic that animates in a perfect, seamless loop.


This will help you communicate the full scope of your business, product, or service in a visually engaging way.

(Maximum Duration: 90 seconds)


This applies if you've already got an After Effects template you'd like to use or edit.

If you have an existing motion graphics template or find one through our stock libraries we can edit it in great detail to custom suit your needs. You never have to feel restricted by the template again, our artists are skilled in adjusting and repurposing parts of the templates you choose to create custom tailored motion graphics just for you.


Includes lower thirds and video transitions.

Just like still images that use .PNG to preserve transparency, motion graphics can be created with the transparency preserved so that you can overlay them over your own videos and images.

If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to email [email protected] or just hit the chat icon on the bottom-right corner to get in touch with our awesome Customer Success Team!

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