How To Manage Your Request Queue

How it works, and how to set your top priority request

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Understanding how the Request Queue works is important since this is how you know when to expect your completed design requests.

In this article, we'll walk you through the following topics:

  1. What is the Request Queue?

  2. How does the Request Queue work?

  3. In what order are my requests arranged?

  4. How does the cut-off time affect my queue changes?

  5. How do I receive request queue notifications/emails?

Let's dive right in!

Your request queue contains all your requests, and they are organized into 3 tabs: Active, Draft, and Archived.

Active Tab

You can drag and drop your requests to prioritize which needs to be worked on first. Note that changes to your queue must be made before the cut-off time to take effect during that day's shift. Once the status is set to ‘In Progress,’ it is already being worked on by your Designer.

Draft Tab

This houses all your draft requests. As you build more and more requests, this tab could be filled with tons of drafts you no longer need. Simply click on their checkboxes to delete drafts all at one time.

Archived Tab

This is where all your completed and canceled requests are placed. Completed requests take up space in the Active tab, so to send them to the Archived tab click the 3-dot menu at the far right of a request, then choose ‘Archive’.

Your queue is where you'll see a list of all your requests. Because it is based on a simple slot system –requests at the top of your queue will be worked on first while requests at the bottom will be worked on last– you can drag and drop requests to prioritize which needs to be completed first.

Our creatives work on one request at a time based on the number of subscriptions you have. Only after the first request in priority is completed is when they will move on to the next one in the queue.

So make sure to organize your queue accordingly, as multiple requests/revisions will not be worked on simultaneously unless you have more than one subscription.

So, if I submit multiple requests/revisions into my queue in one day, can 2 or more be completed?

If you have 1 subscription, most of the time, only 1 request or revision will be completed for the day. The work done for multiple requests/revisions submitted all at once will spread out through the following business days, one request at a time, depending on your priority order and the number of subscriptions in your account.

Revisions are prioritized by default, so if you'd like a new request to be done first, please move your new request to the #1 priority slot, or contact our Support Team.

If you want more requests completed each business day, check out this article: I'm in a rush! How can I get more designs completed faster?

Aside from manually setting your request priority numbers & positions, requests will also be ordered based on their Request Status.

Request status order is as follows:

    • 'Attention' requests are placed above all other requests as these require your action:

      • Provide missing files, attachments, or instructions that may have been overlooked

      • Answer questions your designer has about your instructions

    • Think of this like your email inbox - unread messages that need your attention show at the top

    • These requests will be auto-canceled after 30 days if there is no response received

    • 'For Review' (newly delivered) requests are also placed above other requests as these require your action:

      • to review the designs so that you can provide design feedback and submit a revision

      • or to mark the request as complete and give your designer feedback/rating

    • If no changes are needed, you can simply click the ‘Mark Complete’ button, which will change the request status from For Review to Completed.

    • If no action is done, 'For Review' requests are automatically marked as complete after 30 days, and completed requests will be automatically archived after another 30 days

    • 'In Progress' requests are placed below 'For Review' requests

    • This lets you easily see which request your designer is actively working on

    • In this state, it cannot be changed, moved, or canceled

    • All requests go through the Quality Review stage to ensure your specifications were met

    • This stage needs to be completed before your designer can deliver or show previews of your design files

    • WIP stands for 'Work In Progress'

    • Requests in this status sit below 'In Progress' or 'Quality Review' requests

    • 'WIP - On Deck' requests, while also an in-progress request, is not currently being worked on

    • 'On Deck' (newly submitted) requests will be placed below ongoing requests

    • These requests are next in line after 'Attention', 'For Review' and 'In Progress' requests are attended to

    • Completed requests will be placed below On Deck requests

    • They will be automatically archived after another 30 days

Example: If you have 3 'On Deck' requests and 1 'Attention' request, the single 'Attention' request will show up on top of your request queue even if one of your 'On Deck' requests has been given priority #1.

Pro Tip:

To keep your Active Request Queue clean, move For Review requests to the Archive tab by clicking the Mark Complete button in your request if they no longer need any further revision.

If your request is Completed but still in the active queue, be sure to press the Archive button to send them to the Archive tab! (Note: The archive button only appears if your request has been marked as complete or its request status is 'Completed'.)

Any change you make to your queue after the cut-off time will be worked on during the next day’s shift. Learning about our Turnaround Time Estimates will give you an idea of when you can expect your designs to be completed.

How do I delete or cancel a request?

Head over to your queue and select the request you want to cancel. If the cancel option is no longer available for that request, your Designer may be working on it already.

Simply go to your Notification Settings and toggle your chosen notification setting on or off. We highly recommend that you keep your queue notifications ON though!

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower righthand-side of this window to chat with us.

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