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Requests With Specific Deadlines or Estimated Turnaround Time
Requests With Specific Deadlines or Estimated Turnaround Time

How long will it take to receive my request? Can you complete it by a set deadline?

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If you have a project or design request that needs to be completed by a specific deadline, just let us know!

Pro Tip:
It's best to include your request's desired deadline at the beginning of your request's title.

Title Examples:

  • By July 30 - Facebook Banner For Company Brand

  • Complete by 07/30, Poster For Recycling Campaign

  • [Deadline: Jul 30] Happy Dental Brochure

Your design team will then assess your request to see if it's possible to meet your deadline.

Can I ask for an ETA or ETD? (Estimated Time of Delivery)

  • The team can give you an estimated turnaround time if requested. Just mention it in your request's description

  • For Pro/Premium subscribers, you can ask your designer via Slack chat

  • Take note that this initial estimate assumes everything goes smoothly and there are no revisions in between

Do revisions affect the final turnaround time?

  • Yes. If there are any revisions, this will add to the time it will take to complete your request even when an ETD was provided at the start of the request

  • The more additional revisions, the longer the delay from the original turnaround estimate

  • The original turnaround estimate is not a guarantee, especially when revisions or changes to the design direction are involved.

What factors affect the turnaround estimate?

There may be different reasons why the team will not be able to accommodate your set deadline, such as submitting a bulky/complex request with too short of a deadline, submitting it past the cut-off time, or submitting it during holidays, etc.

You may check out other resources to learn more about the factors that affect your turnaround time:

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower right-hand side of this window to chat with us.

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