Changing your email is a piece of cake. Design Pickle stores two different email addresses:

  1. An email address used for your billing (which is your company email)
  2. An email address used to log in to our platform and submit requests (individual login credentials)

By default, these emails are both set to the email address you used to sign up!

Our system won't recognize emails from other email addresses and you will receive an error message. So make sure you sign up with the email you intend to use to submit design requests!

Changing your email is a piece of cake.

To change the email address used to login and submit requests:

Log in to your settings on the Design Pickle Platform, or just hover over My Account and go to My Profile Settings.

Then click the Edit button beside Personal Info, and change it to the email address you want to use to submit requests and log in to the platform.

After you've made your changes, make sure you save them—and voilà!

To change your billing email address, you have to be an administrator. Just head to your Company Settings or hover over My Account and select Company Settings from there!

The company email doesn't have to correspond to any user’s email address. So if you're sending the bills right to your finance team or whoever handles payments, you can do that!

So go ahead and click the Edit button beside Company Information to change the associated email address to whatever email address you'd like to receive billing information.

Now hit Submit, and go get pickling! 💚

Do you want your team to have their own logins instead of logging into a shared email address? Head here to find out how to do that!

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