Design Pickle stores two different email addresses:

  1. The email address for your billing (company email)
  2. The email address to login to our platform and send in requests

By default these emails are the same, set to the email addressed you used on signup.

The most common error we come across is people using an email on sign up that is not the email address they intend to use to submit design requests.

If this is the case, any requests sent will not be received by our platform and you’ll receive an error message. The good news is it is easy to change both emails!

To change the email address used to login and send in requests, log into and click the pencil icon to edit & save your email address:

If you received an error message, please resend in your request once your address is updated.

To change the billing email address, head over to your company settings at and click on edit to enter your new email address:

The email does not have to correspond to any user’s email address.

Please note:
only the admin on the account can set the company email address

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