If you're subscribed to our Graphic Design Pro plan, you can have your Pro designer create a brand guide for you!

(It is out of scope in our Graphic Design Essentials and Custom Illustration plans.)

A branding guide is a complete document, typically presented in a short book or PDF file, that includes design style standards for all visual content.

A good branding guide consists of:

  • Logos and Variations
  • Color Scheme
  • Font and Typography
  • Design Elements
  • Value Proposition (The content/text copy must be provided to your designer)
  • Brand Voice (The content/text copy must be provided to your designer)

You can learn more about each of the above by reading the article: How to Create a Complete Branding Guide

You can also add your Brand Guide as a Brand Profile in Design Pickle! Learn more about it here: Adding Brand Profiles in Design Pickle

If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to email [email protected] or just hit the chat icon on the bottom-right corner to get in touch with our awesome Customer Success Team!

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