Deliver Design Files to Trello

One spot for everything? Yes, please! Learn how to automatically deliver your design files to Trello.

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Not only can you submit requests to Design Pickle using Trello, but you can also have your completed designs delivered to your Trello task.

What You'll Need:

  • A Trello account

  • A Zapier account

  • A Design Pickle account

  • 5-10 minutes to set up the Zap

  • You will also need an existing Trello card with a Design Pickle label - This is where you'll get the Zapier Item ID, which is very important! (Note: If you have not submitted the request using a Trello to Design Pickle Zap, this particular automation will not work. Check out this article to send requests from Trello straight to Design Pickle!)

Step 1

When you're ready, head over to Zapier and start a new zap. It should look like the screen below. Hit "Use Zap" and continue on with the next step

Step 2

1) Connect your Design Pickle account, if you haven't done so already.

  • If you haven't connected your Design Pickle account with Zapier, review this article to learn about your API Token.

2) Zapier will need to look for data in your account (be sure you have previously delivered files from Design Pickle before setting up this Zap), and once it finds something, you can hit "Continue"

Step 3: Setting up the "Action"

1) Ensure that the Action is Add Attachment to Card in Trello, then click "Continue"

2) Connect your Trello account.

3) Now it's time to customize the file. Select the fields, so your Zap looks like the one below:

  • Choose your board and list from the dropdown list.

  • For the Card, go to "Custom" and find the "Zapier ID":

  • Lastly, choose the File URL option from the dropdown menu for File Attachments.

4) When your Zap is configured, run a test!

If the test worked, go ahead and turn your Zap on to have your design files delivered automatically to your Trello card!

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