The Key to Design Pickle Automation: Your API Token
What's an API you ask? It's a code that looks like gibberish, but it's your new best friend to automate your workflow.
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The first step to creating any Zapier automation involving Design Pickle is locating your API Token.

Log in to the Design Pickle Platform, head to Settings > My profile on the left. You will see a section labeled "API Token" - the code underneath is what you will want to copy and paste into your Zaps.

Log in to Zapier, and create a new Zap with Design Pickle for one of the applications. In this example, I'm connecting Asana to Design Pickle.

Next, click on the Design Pickle section, and Zapier will prompt you to connect an account. Under "Choose Account," you'll want to select Add a New Account. When you click this option, a pop-up window will appear:

Add your API token to the text field, and hit "Yes, Continue" - your API token will be connected and you're ready to start Zapping!

Here's a way to use your API:

Use the API through Zapier to automate frequent Design Pickle workflows and tasks.

Want additional Zapier support from Design Pickle?

We’ve got you covered.

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