Automatically Store Design Files To Your Google Drive

Zapier & Google Drive Integration

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Once your designer has completed your request, you have the option to receive those files to any chosen storage application that's available on Zapier. In this article, we'll use Google Drive as an example.

What You'll Need:

  • A Design Pickle Account

  • A Zapier Account

  • A File Storage Account (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive - search for your favorite storage app here to see if it will integrate with Design Pickle)

  • 5-10 minutes to set up the Zap

Step 1

Head over to Zapier to get started, and begin to create a Zap with the selections below:

  • Design Pickle should be your first app, Google Drive should be your second.

  • When a "Completed Request" occurs, we'll want to "Upload File."

  • Go ahead and click "Use Zap" to proceed

Step 2

Setting up the Trigger

First, ensure you have an existing completed request with Design Pickle. Zapier will want to test the connection, and it must be able to pull data from your Design Pickle account.

1) Connect your Design Pickle account to Zapier. If you haven't done this already, check out this article about your API Token.

2) Test the connection, and hit "Continue" to set up the action.

Step 3

Setting up the Action

When the trigger (File Delivered) happens, Zapier will then complete the "action" we're about to set up.

1) Connect your Google Drive account to Zapier.

2) Once that's connected, let's customize your file upload.

Zapier will ask you for more information and make sure you choose the correct settings like choosing the proper folder where you want your files uploaded as well as the file name. Make sure to choose the file URL as the required file. Your Zap should look like the one below:

Once that's all set you're good to send a test.

Check your Google Drive folder and voilà - you're ready to turn your Zap on so your design files can automatically be stored in your Drive!

Note: This Zap will upload all of your completed requests, so if you have multiple subscriptions, it will upload to one folder. Make sure that the file name is set correctly.

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