What is Slack? Why should I use it?

Slack is a real-time messaging app. When you join Same Day service, you’ll be invited to join our private slack group. Here in this group, you’ll have your own channel that includes both you and your designer. On this channel, you’ll be able to talk with your designer whenever they’re online and leave messages, feedback, revisions, or other notes for them while they’re offline. Slack will be your primary way of collaborating with your designer in real-time.

Downloading Slack & Getting Set Up

Once you've been onboarded to Same Day service, you'll be sent an invitation to join us in our group. 

Upon accepting your invitation, you'll be prompted to fill out your profile. Feel free to add some details about yourself and upload a profile photo. 

Once you've accepted your invite, you'll be able to access your Same Day slack channel in one of two ways. Either through the desktop app or the web app. Slack also offers a mobile application available in your phone's application store.

  • Desktop 
  • Web App

You'll be added to a private channel with yourself, your designer, an account executive, and some members of our production team. 

This private channel is where the bulk of your communication will occur. 

Slack Availability

Our designers are available from 9AM to 5PM Mountain Standard Time. Any messages left outside of this time will be answered during the next work shift. 

Tags and when to use them

Tags are a feature in Slack that let you notify certain people or groups that you've left a
message for them. 

To use tags, simply use the "@" symbol followed by your designers, production managers, or Account Executive's Slack handle. 

For example, say you want to get your designer's attention. Her name is Jessica and you want to let her know you just sent in a new request. Here's what you could do:

  • Hey @Jessica, just wanted to let you know I submitted a request for our latest ad campaign. Let me know if you have any questions!

Or if you have a customer service question about billing, you could tag one of our Account Executives like so:

  • @Kevin Brandt I have a question about billing and was hoping you could help me out

If you want to get the attention of everyone in your channel, simply type a message that includes either @here or @channel. 

  • @here will notify anyone active in that channel of your message
  • @channel will notify everyone in that channel, regardless of whether they're currently online or not

Emojis, Uploading photos, and other fun tips and tricks

  • We encourage emoji use! We're obviously partial to the dancing pickle emoji, but feel free to be playful and creative, practical and straightforward, or whatever fits your mood. 
  • We also love photos and uploads. Simply drag what you want to share onto the desktop app. You can also click on the + icon in the message bar. 
  • Since you're in a private slack channel with your designer, only people in that channel will be able to see any ongoing communications

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