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Motion Graphics: Pre-Recording Tips

Best practices before you record your video

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Although you might be eager to start recording your video, it's crucial to consider a few factors to ensure that your motion graphic artist can create the most effective motion graphic layout for your video footage.

Here are some tips for capturing your video content with later editing by our motion graphic artists in mind:

  1. Plan Ahead

  2. Frame Composition

  3. Proper Background

  4. Communicate Your Desired Motion Or Style

  5. Use A Tripod

  6. Ensure Proper Lighting

  7. Audio Quality

  8. Resolution and Frama Rate

Before recording your video, have a clear plan for your video's content, style, storyboard, layout, and message. Planning this beforehand can help align your recorded video with the visuals you want your motion graphic artist to add later.

Pay attention to the placement of elements in your video footage. For example, in a video featuring a speaker, leave space around the speaker depending on the type of motion graphic you'd like to be added to it. If you'd like text to be added to the left of the speaker, then ensure there's enough empty space on the left side of the footage you're recording.

Avoid overcrowded or distracting backgrounds - solid color backgrounds are best! This improves your motion graphic artist's ability to include better types of motion graphic elements in your video.

Let your motion graphic artist know what kind of motion or style you'd like, especially if you have something specific in mind. Sending them a sample or reference video would help immensely!

Keep your camera steady and free from any shaking or motion disturbances.

Good lighting is crucial for quality footage. Avoid shooting in places that are too bright, as well as places that are poorly lit.

Clear audio is just as important as video quality. Use an external microphone if possible, and record in a quiet environment. Clear, clean audio will make syncing it to your video in post-production smoother.

Shoot in the highest resolution and frame rate your camera allows. This provides more flexibility during the post-production process, especially if it needs to be zoomed in.

By following these tips, you can help your motion graphic artist create engaging and effective visuals that enhance your video content. Collaboration and planning are key to achieving a cohesive and impactful result!

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