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We've made a few changes to the way you view revise your Motion Graphics requests.

These changes make giving feedback more efficient and direct, resulting in a better experience.

No more scrolling to the bottom and opening new tabs to leave comments on your motion graphics.

Everything you need is right up top!

Your files are now conveniently displayed on the side in a scrollable gallery.

You can easily toggle between different versions by clicking on the drop down menu up top.

Click on a thumbnail to view AND make comments on your motion graphics.

To download your motion graphic, simply click on the folder icon and your file will automatically download to the bottom of your browser.

We've also added a couple of new features

Meta-data for each motion graphics file is displayed. You get more information, easily accessible.

Clicking on "Add Files" allows you to upload AND add comments to an image for your Motion Graphic Artist to refer to.

Once you're done, simply click "Send updates to Creative", and your designer will now see every note or file you wanted them to see.

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