Placing Your Membership 'On Hold'
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Many clients have down periods within their workflow when they may not need Design Pickle's creative services, but will use us again when work picks up.

For that, we offer the ability to place your account On Hold. This will go into effect at the end of your subscription period.

At that time, the membership is placed On Hold and you will be charged $14.99 a month.

While On Hold we give you access to your account and your files. This does not cover being able to use your account, as the name suggests your account is completely paused.

You can put your account On Hold by going to Settings > Company Profile.

Please note: Your 'On Hold' will take effect after your ongoing subscription period is over, so you will continue to have full access to the creative team until the end of your subscription month, quarter, or year. Once your 'On Hold' takes effect all work on any active requests and revisions will cease.

Additionally, any discounts to your subscription will not return when you reactivate.

Example: A monthly subscription is started on January 1, and an 'On Hold' is submitted on January 15. The account will still remain active, and users can still submit & receive requests until January 31. Once February 1 hits, the account will go on hold, and users can no longer submit requests and all work on any active requests or revisions will stop.

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