→ What are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics are animated illustrations or designs, they create an illusion of motion that helps create a more impactful approach with the audience.

→ What software is used to create Motion Graphics?
We use Adobe After Effects.

→ What type of files can you deliver?
The main format will be MP4. We will also deliver the After Effects source file (AEP) and MOV file format if you need it for transparent motion graphics assets.

→ Can I send you a video and have the Motion Graphics added to that?
Yes, but the video needs to be the final version – Motion Graphics does not include video editing.

We also cannot work on videos longer than 90sec, as that is the maximum length of output for motion graphics videos we create for you.

→ Are Illustrations included in the Motion Graphics subscription?
Illustrations are included in this service as long as the assets you need are necessary for the animation requested. (We will not provide the standalone illustration, but simply include it in the Motion Graphic file)

Keep in mind this will increase the turnaround time of your request!

→ Do you provide audio?

No, but you can send your music or sound effects to be added. Just tell us where in the video you want specific sound effects or music to play.

You must send us licensed audio files that you are allowed to use. You can find royalty-free music to use at Pixabay Music, Shutterstock, Adobe, or even YouTube Studio (some are free, others are paid for).

→ Do you provide voice-overs?

No, but if you have a voice-over ready we can add it!

→ How are the assets used in the Motion Graphic created?
We have 3 options:
a) You can provide the assets to us by uploading them in the request form.

b) We can use Stock graphics/icons and customize those to fit your brand.
c) We can create Custom Graphics or Illustrations if needed (will often take extra time)

Motion Graphics Scope

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