Automatically Send File URLs to Your Team via Slack
Zapier & Slack Integration
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It's easy to automatically share designs with your team directly in Slack with some help from Zapier!

What You'll Need:

  • A Slack account

  • A Zapier account

  • A Design Pickle account

  • 5-10 minutes to set up the Zap

Start by heading to Zapier. Create a new Zap connecting Design Pickle and Slack:

Step One: Setting up the "Trigger"

First things first, make sure you have a successfully submitted request from Design Pickle. If you don't have one now, go ahead and submit one!

1) Connect your Design Pickle account. If you haven't set up a Zap already, check out this article on how to find your API Token.

2) Allow Zapier to test the connection, then hit "Continue"

Step Two: Setting up the "Action"

When the trigger (i.e a completed design request) happens, Zapier will then complete the "action" we're about to set up.

1) Connect your Slack account associated with the workspace for your team.

2) Next, customize the channel message to share the designs with your team. Be sure to select the correct Channel where you want the files to be shared.

In the Message Text section, you can add any copy you'd like, but be sure to attach the "File URL" by choosing it in the dropdown menu that appears while editing this field. For reference, you can also include the "Request Subject" (the name of your Design Pickle request)

3) Send a test to make sure the Zap works! (maybe give your team a heads up too, if you'd like) Then, check your slack to see if the file URL was successfully sent.

4) If the test was successful, give the Zap a name and don't forget to turn it on!

P.S. Typically the zap will fire around every 15 minutes or so! So please be patient if you notice a request has been completed and it hasn't posted the file link right away!

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