Commonly Used Zapier Integrations
Get started right away by utilizing some of our commonly used Zap Templates.
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The goal of automation is to make your life easier. To get started as quickly as possible, you can use some of the existing Zaps we've created for commonly used Design Pickle integrations.

Below is a list of ready-to-use Zapier templates. With minimal setup, you'll be ready to go with Zapier in no time:

These Zapier templates are also available through your Design Pickle Account!

Step One: Head to Settings > My Profile

Step Two: Explore the Templates

When you see one that you'd like to implement in your own workflow, click the "Use this Zap" button. You will be redirected to Zapier to set up the integration through your account.

Step Three: Click "Use this Zap"

Pro Tip: log in to your Zapier account beforehand, so the popup window can take you straight to the setup page.

Step Four: Connect Your Accounts

Your Design Pickle API Token can be found on your Profile Page.

Step Five: Configure the Zap & Turn it On

For guidance on Zap configuration check out our tutorials here.

Want additional Zapier support from Design Pickle?

We’ve got you covered.

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