What is Team Backup?
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There are occasions when your assigned designer(s) may be unavailable to work on your projects due to reasons such as vacation, emergencies, or reaching their maximum workload capacity.

This is where our feature, Team Backup, comes in!

The Graphics plan automatically maintains Team Backup enabled, whereas the Pro, Premium, and Power plans provide the flexibility to toggle this option On or Off.

Enabling Team Backup

  • Ensures that the next most available designer takes on your request.

Disabling Team Backup

  • Prevents your requests from being reassigned to another designer.

  • With this feature turned off, your requests will not get worked on until your designated designer(s) comes back from being away.

Note: Your subscription will continue to run even if no requests get worked on due to Team Backup being disabled.

To switch on Team Backup, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Go to Company Settings and scroll down to Team Backup

Step 2

Toggle the switches On or Off to enable or disable Team Backup

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