We are all human so here’s a quick reminder on how to get help:

Review Your Requests

Getting used to working with a remote team takes a different kind of communication style and attention to detail. Before you get stressed, make sure your request is clear and easy to understand.

Sometimes breaking your request down into parts or formatting the information differently can clear up a lot of confusion.

If that doesn’t work…

Talk to Your Designer

We are all adults and if your designer missed something, let them know ASAP. They will course correct as fast as possible and work hard to make things right.

If you still feel like there’s an issue that’s not being resolved or is being ignored…

Email [email protected]

An email to [email protected] will notify the customer success team, and in some cases get a phone call scheduled to discuss the issue. Here we can dive into your experience, see what needs to be fixed and get to a fast resolution.

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