The kind of infographic you can request for depends on your Graphic Design Plan:

Graphic Design Essentials

  • Simple infographics
  • Small set of data or info (about half a page of a document)
  • Simple graphic elements

Graphic Design Pro

  • Advanced infographics
  • More data/info can be provided (about 1 page document worth of data)
  • More complex graphic elements can be added - however these graphics are limited to what can be created under the Pro Plan (using stock images)

Custom Illustration

  • Customized illustrations for your infographic (made from scratch)
  • Illustrations only; no layouting or graphic design
  • Requires a Graphic Design plan to layout the text (Essentials or Pro)

How do I request an infographic?

There are a few key things you're going to need to get a great infographic. The first is the info part. The second is the graphic part.

Step One: Create the "Info" Part of the Infographic

The first is the copy and "info" part of the infographic. We're designers and not researchers, so this part of the infographic creation process is going to be up to you to complete. 

Your info part can be copy and pasted right into the Design Pickle Platform form or attached as a text file (word docs also work).

Step Two: Find Some Inspiration for the "Graphic" Part of the Infographic

By including some inspiration with your request. your designer will be better able to conceptualize something that fits your style. 

If you have Premium Stock subscription, this would be a great place to look. Alternatively, there are some great ideas that can be found with a simple Google images search for infographic design. 

Step Three: Send Your Design Off to Your Designer

If you have any specific colors, fonts, logos, or graphics you would like be sure to mention those as well. 


You can use our handy template as a guide for your next infographic request. 

Already have a Design Pickle account? Head here to find our infographic template.

If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to email [email protected] or just hit the chat icon on the bottom-right corner to get in touch with our awesome Customer Success Team!

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