How Do I Save A Draft Request?

It's simple!

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Ever started typing up a request and then SQUIRREL!

Somewhere along the line of finding inspiration graphics on Pinterest you get caught in a black hole of cute fall outfits and top uses for coconut oil. In your quest to get back on target you close out all your open tabs, including that Design Pickle Platform request you were typing up. 


Luckily, the Design Pickle Platform's autosave feature saves the day. 

Anything you start typing up in a new request will be saved as a draft until you decide to submit it. 

If you have one, you'll see the latest draft upon login.

Click "resume your draft" to start where you left off

p.s if you keep getting this message and want it to go away, head to your drafts folder and delete any drafts

Save as a Draft

Not ready to submit what you just spent 20 minutes typing up? Still need to find some bits of copy or the perfect image?

Simply save your request as a draft.

Submitting Drafts

Once you're ready to add the finishing details of your request, head to My Requests --> drafts in the menu bar. 

Click on the draft you'd like to edit to pull it up. Once you're ready to submit, just send it on over to your designer!

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