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Do we design vehicle wraps?

The short answer is, yes! And it's included with every subscription we offer.

We can design graphics for anything from a pickup truck to a boat. Few limitations come with this request type, but it's best to have an idea in mind when submitting it to your designer, namely:

  1. Size

  2. Resolution

  3. Information

  4. References & Assets

We know not every truck or car comes in the same size, but we do have standard sizes to choose from.

We also encourage you to submit your own measurements for any vehicle that you're looking to wrap so we have a better idea of each element.

The standard export is 300 DPI. We apply this especially when the designs are placed in a 2D mockup template/image, which is only a 1/20 scale of the actual size.

However, we opt for lower resolution export (72-200 DPI) for instances where the canvas size is too large, given that the quality is hi-res and crisp when applied.

  1. Provide vehicle information, such as its model & type.

  2. Specify if the vehicle has any unique features that need extra attention.

  3. Provide accurate measurements & details of the areas to be wrapped (e.g. hood, doors, windows).

  4. Let us know if your printer service requires a vector outline, such as a contour cut.

  5. What is the vehicle wrap for? Is it for brand awareness, promotion, or a specific event?

  6. Mention any key messages or information that must be prominently featured.

  1. All images, assets, and references you provide need to be in high resolution.

  2. If you only have low-resolution for the design, such as your logo files, these may need to be recreated (additional creative round(s)/turnaround time needed).

  3. Reference pictures of the vehicle should include all sides and angles.

  4. If your printer service uses special templates, please provide them by attaching them to your design request.

  5. Share your visual preferences, such as styles, themes, or any inspiration you have in mind.

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower right-hand side of this window to chat with us.

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