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Is Design Pickle Available On Mobile?
Is Design Pickle Available On Mobile?
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Design Pickle is optimized for desktop viewing and doesn't currently support mobile views.

We support a 1280x720 screen resolution, ensuring everything looks right on your desktop. This focus on desktop use guarantees a smooth, distortion-free experience with perfectly sized and positioned elements.

Why don't you support mobile viewing?

Our software packs a punch with complex features that shine best on larger screens and the boosted power of desktop computers. Going this route helps us focus on the important features and core functions of the platform.

Will you support mobile in the future?

We have plans to explore mobile support down the road, thanks to your feedback and our commitment to meet your evolving needs. Stay tuned!

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower right-hand side of this window to chat with us.

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