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Our services can help you generate static QR codes for your designs. Simply share the URL you need converted into a QR code in your design request.

Note: Your designer will only be able to create static QR codes, not dynamic QR codes.

What is the difference between static and dynamic QR Codes?

A static QR Code is a QR Code that, once generated, cannot be overwritten. It can only store information that is uneditable. This means that if you’d like the URL destination of the QR code to change in the future, our creatives will need to create a brand-new QR code graphic.

On the other hand, the information stored in dynamic QR codes can be changed as many times as needed, and it is trackable and perfect for data analytics.

Then, what can I design with static QR codes?

As static QR codes can be used for any URL that won’t need to be edited, they are great for designs that will direct to permanent information, such as e-signatures, business cards with contact information, one-time coupons, digital menus, etc.

For design projects that will require more flexibility or data analytics, such as marketing campaigns, it is advisable to instead use third-party software to generate dynamic QR codes on your end.

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